Over the past few days, the presence of the guidance team, who I call, The Friends, has been very persistent with me to bring forth a message/meditation from them for you. In all honesty, I have set up a bit of resistance.

I have said things in response such as, “But my format that I have been working on is not finished yet,” “We don’t care,” was their answer. “The message is more important than formatting at this time”.

“Everyone is speaking about this,” was another resistance response of mine. And they gently but more firmly responded. “But this is just as important for you to say and people need to hear it.”

So here goes. I am no longer resistant. I am now ready to allow this message to come through, for you.

Here goes…

Dear One,

We realize these are very troubling times for many of you across the planet. There are people who are sick with many illnesses especially this novel one that science is still figuring out how to treat and prevent. Holes in the infrastructure have been detected and even breached to the point where many fear if they can even be held back before crumbling. Economics are also a big concern both for the individual and the world. We understand that all these coupled with individual life journey concerns brings up a lot of uncertainty for all of you. We are with you and have so much love and compassion for each and every one of you. We have so much desire to assist you with whatever you many need at this time.

At this moment, we would like to offer you a guided channeled meditation. You may read this meditation at any time and as many times as you wish. This is our gift to you to offer our assistance and love during this time of great need on this planet. Who are we, you ask? We are a group of high vibrational beings, A collective group of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other light beings that this channel, Kate lovingly calls, “The Friends.” We have assisted her with her practice and journey of being a channel and energetic practitioner since she was a young child. Many of you know her, know this story and have seen her through this journey. Many of you know that she hides her light and her abilities because she is so skilled at shining light on everyone else around her. Yet at this time, we are asking her to step into the light so that more people can receive the messages she hears and receives every day. It is time.

If you are ready to receive this mediation, we will begin.

We ask you to relax into your physical body and take a few breaths, as deep as you can to allow circulation into your lungs. When your breathing is steady and comfortable and in a rhythm that is most relaxing to you, we invite you to imagine a pure white light above your chest. This light is love based energy. This energy has many capabilities. In this moment this energy is with you to assist you to clear anything that does not serve your system. Allow this energy  to heal any aspect of your four body system. Energy of love, compassion, clarity. Anything that you need, in this moment, at this time is encoded in this energy. It is pulsating love love love. Light light light, Compassion, compassion, compassion. Take as much time as you need to clear and heal with the assistance of this energy now.

Remember at this time, to breathe. Take a few breaths to regulate and release anything that needs to clear. Clear, clear, clear, regulate, regulate, regulate. Breathe, breathe, breathe.   

When you are ready, in a time and space that is comfortable to you, notice the energy of light that is connected to your heart center, vibrating just above your chest, and if you are inclined, allow this energy to connect with your heart chakra.  As the energy connects to your heart chakra, it brings light to your entire system, at a speed and level that is most comfortable for you and your body. If you do not feel the energy connect, it is okay. Trust that the light is connecting, connecting, connecting. Trust in the wisdom of your own body and your own system.

Take a few moments to notice how this energy assists the energy shifting in your body. Is your physical body relaxing? Or, can you feel the energy flowing through your chakras? Do you notice the love encoded in the energy? Do you notice a color to it as it connects with your own energetic field? Is the energy brighter for you, or perhaps softer? Take this time to experience and allow. Notice, notice, notice. Take as much time as you need to feel, experience, and enjoy this energy that is with you to support you.

Again, remember to breathe. Regulate and release if anything needs to be released. Breathe, regulate and let go.

As you are connected with this loving and beautiful energy, you may take this time to set some intentions for your journey in this moment. Anything that you may need at this time, set some intentions, say a prayer, and allow the energy to carry your intentions and prayers. As you set your intentions, phrase them in the present tense, Love without conditions, to all now, for example. Healing to all those who allow, now. Any intention that you desire put forth as you connect with this energy that is here to serve you. Take as much time as you need in this space of asking, receiving or giving. There is no judgement as this energy is of service to you or others.

Again, remember to breathe… Notice and allow. Begin to allow the energy to flow out through your feet as you ground into the earth. This assists you to be present and fully here as well as helps support the earth. Ground, ground, ground. You may request spirit assistance if needed to help you ground if necessary at this time. Feel the presence of tree or water energy to assist with grounding the energy. Breathing it in, sending it through, and assisting you to connect with the planet and into your four body system more fully. Take as much time as you need to ground.

Focus in on your breath and come into the awareness of your physical body. You may stretch and move as you feel you need, bringing focus into your physical space and your body. You may continue to feel the energetic presence of the energy you received in this meditation throughout the day. Take care and be gentle, drinking water and continuing to ground.

Thank you for allowing us and this special energy of love to serve you.

In love and much light,

The Friends.

Woo… now I must ground myself… Thank you for your attention and feel free to use this meditation whenever you need. You may pass it along to other people who you feel may need it but please ensure that my name and “The Friends” are included in your forward.

At this time upon our planet, I am offering remote energetic sessions and channeling (both written transcripts and over the phone) for a reduced price of $1 per minute for the next 6 months. In September rates will go up to the full $1.50 a minute rate. Hopefully live channeling will soon take place again, but maybe these events and cancellations will be my push to get on video… 

Thank you again for all your support and may we all lift each other up as we so need in these crazy energetic times. I truly love you all so much and the impact you have had on my journey has meant the world to me.

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