Four Point Energetic Healing Session



We are energetic beings. Energy is as natural to our physiology as breathing and our heart beats. If our energies are not working optimally, it can begin to affect the physical body. When we take on energy or others, or we out grow vibrational energetic patterns that are a part of our own systems, it creates blocks and static. Allowing love based energy to enter your energetic system will help to transmute and move unwanted energy that is in your body. Kate uses a gentle and loving approach to clearing energy.

As energetic beings we naturally release energy that is built up in our systems. Sometimes as we release energy it is not transmuted and can get caught in the energy of home spaces, When this happens, it begins to bog down our energetic bodies. Kate uses similar clearing techniques to clear the energy of homes and other physical spaces. This work can help reduce stress and anxiety of multiple people who are in and out of a particular space. Kate is also able to identify areas within as space that are causing disturbances to a persons energy.


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